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July Birthstone

July Birthstone

The birthstones for July are Ruby and Carnelian. 

Ruby: the name derives from the Latin word ruber meaning red.  This red coloured gemstone is a variety of the mineral called corundum and its price is determined by the colour (as well as its quality of course) – the brighter the red the higher the price.

Rubies are mainly sourced from Southern and South-eastern Asia with Sri Lanka and Myanmar being the most commonly recognised origins for rubies of high quality.  

The largest mined ruby in the world is called The Liberty Bell Ruby, it weighs 4 pounds and is 8.5 thousand carats in size!  It was stolen from a Delaware jewellery store in December 2011 and has yet to be traced.  Elizabeth Taylor admired these gemstones and her necklace, La Peregrina, made up of diamonds, rubies and pearls smashed its guide price of $3million at Christie’s in New York 2011 and was sold for $11.8 million. 

While rubies are known as the stone for the 40th wedding anniversary they are also thought to bring contentment and peace.  

Carnelian: the name derives from the Latin word caro meaning flesh.  This semi-precious stone is a reddish orange mineral derived from chalcedony.  The Romans used it frequently to make signet or seal rings for imprinting the seal with wax on correspondence.  It is mainly found in Brazil, India, Siberia and Germany and is thought to bring courage and motivation.

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