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Keishi Pearls

Keishi Pearls

Keishi pearls are totally natural and usually occur when an oyster or mussel thinks there is an irritant and so continually spits nacre creating this accidental but beautiful bi-product!  Cultured pearls, on the other hand, will have a piece of tissue or a bead implanted within. 

Keishi pearls get their name from the Japanese word for poppy seed as when they were first discovered they looked like little seeds. 

Today these pearls are coveted for their exquisite lustre and fascinating shapes including flat, thin shapes and long stick shapes.  This is in contrast to years ago when farmers first started culturing pearls who would discard keishis as they believed customers only wanted a perfectly round shape.  

Keishi pearls are a stunning addition to any jewellery collection as they are not only unique in shape but their lustre is irresistible as they are made up of pure nacre.  




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