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The concept of Trollbeads' charms has developed over the past 25 years. Trollbeads is unique jewellery whereby each bead has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and everyday living. 

Trollbeads use a combination of fascinating materials, made from the highest quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18 carat gold, Italian glass, natural pearls and precious stones. 

    • ABBA Sale
    • ABBA

      ABBA were the dance kings and queens of the seventies. They shaped the sound of the seventies music.  

      £23.00 £11.50
    • Alabaster Sale
    • Alabaster

      A deliciously creamy Trollbead in a light yellow amber. This bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. It is perfect if you are making a soft yellow pattern.  

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    • Arctic Stripes Sale
    • Arctic Stripes

      This striking glass Trollbead conjures up images from the deep blue oceans in the Arctic North.  

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    • Baby Dragon Sale
    • Baby Dragon

       It wraps around itself, like a puppy chasing its own tail. One day it will be a big and frightening dragon, but right now it just wants to have fun. This sterling silver pendant would look lovely on a necklace with a few colourful beads.  

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    • Banana Sale
    • Banana

      This bead you just have to like. It is a happy yellow. It couldn't be called anything but 'Banana'.  

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    • Beige Flower Sale
    • Beige Flower

      Exotic flowers from where the sun always shines. The warm allows the delicate petals to rise.  

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    • Black Bubbles Sale
    • Black Bubbles

      Tiny air bubbles catch and draw the light into the black, mysterious depths.  

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    • Black Pearl Ring Sale
    • Black Pearl Ring

       A simple ring of silver with a delicately balanced fresh-water pearl. This beautiful ring comes in the following sizes: Size 54, UK size N Size 55, UK size O Size 56, UK size O 1/2  

      £69.00 £34.50
    • Black Spot Sale
    • Black Spot

      This hand made lampwork charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. Perfect if you are creating an all-glass charm bracelet or necklace with your Trollbeads. Watch our video to see how they are made.  

      £23.00 £11.50
    • Blue Desert Sale
    • Blue Desert

      The desert at dusk. The moon appears to be reflected in the myriad sandy crystals.

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    • Brown Fusion Sale
    • Brown Fusion

      This glass Trollbead brings together a fusion of many shades, tints and hues of the colour brown. Peer under a microscope and you'll see many different shapes fused together to create this whole Trollbead.  Here's a reminder not to forget the small details.  

      £23.00 £11.50
    • Buttercup Sale
    • Buttercup

      The buttercup flower is golden and strong, reminiscent of the story of Rapunzel, whose golden locks reflected the deep summer colours of the buttercup.    

      £23.00 £11.50