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14-16 cultured South Sea Pearl pendant on 14kt gold chain

South Sea Pearls

  South Sea pearls are regarded as the crème de la crème of sea pearls and are famous for their large size, striking colours and stunning lustre. South Sea pearls are cultured in the Pinctada maxima saltwater oyster, of which there are two types: the silver-lipped and the gold-lipped oyster. It i...
Gratia large cultured freshwater pearl necklace and cultured freshwater pearl bracelet

The history of pearls

Pearls, throughout history, have been regarded as prized gems of beauty and rarity. They have been sought after for as long as 4,000 years and are unlike any other precious gemstones as they need no man-made enhancements such as cutting or polishing to reveal their exquisiteness and are the only ...
Gratia round cultured freshwater pearl necklace with gold clasp

Care of Pearls

Pearls are quite soft and need special care after you wear them. Always store them in a separate jewellery pouch away from other jewellery and it is best to keep them in something soft. From time to time, after you wear your pearls you should wipe them with a soft damp cloth to prevent dirt, chem...